Brands that trust us

Some of the largest and best known Indian and Multinational companies have chosen us as their infrastructure and logistics partner.
No empire is built overnight, and that certainly holds true for Prime Space Logistic Park as well. Transforming from a simple acquisition of a 6-acre land to a vastly expanded 3 million sq. feet area, we have blossomed over the course of a decade and a half. What started as a small piece of land in 2006 has grown to become a hub for the biggest multinational companies. Prime Space has provided these companies the space to realise their dreams, making their journeys easier with our steady upwards movement in the area of land owned, and the growing family of clientele.
But Prime Space wasn’t always a warehouse company. Founded in 1985 as Polytrusions Private Limited, the company’s main objective was to manufacture rigid PVC Pipes and related products falling under similar categories in the industry, under the brand name ‘Trubore. Back in the ‘90s, the venture had a revenue of INR 120 crore. But in 2006, the venture was, along with its brand name, handed over to Chemplast Sanmar Limited – a prominent corporate entity in South India, precisely when the 6-acre land opportunity had cropped up. Since then, there has been no turning back in Prime Space’s dedication to establishing state-of-the-art, Grade A warehouses. 
The first project of the company – Sun Logistics Park (SLP Centre)– was incorporated in 2006. And over a period of 10 years, the SLP Centre has only grown massively in size. Situated at Panapakkam, Thiruvallur, it was expanded into 125 acres and 1.5 million sq. ft. of built up space in 2017. The company’s first contract was signed with Reliance Industries Ltd. in the year 2006.
We signed contracts with industry giants like Britannia Industries Ltd., the automobile major Honda Motor India Pvt. Ltd., and Hindustan Unilever Limited. Writer Business Services Pvt. Ltd., Yusen Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd (Isuzu), Toll India Logistics Pvt. Ltd. – which was a Third-Party Logistics Operator for P&G, IFB, Nestle and Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd are the other companies on our list. 
At such a crucial time in the company’s development, around the year 2018, fund-houses began investing in readymade assets, especially in the fields of warehousing and logistics, because of their immense potential in need and growth in the foreseeable future. Backed by an investment made by Temasek Holdings – a Singapore-based fund-house – the SLP Centre became the first private fund-house with international investments.  
In the following year, Prime Space was in its initial stages of incorporation, spread over an expanse of 35 acres of land, with 0.5 million sq. ft. built up space.

The park was developed further over the next two years and was then taken over by M/s Flyjac Logistics Private Limited. By 2022, apart from Flyjac Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Schake India Metal Works Private Limited, Instakart Services Pvt. Ltd. (Flipkart), Ashapura Warehousing Pvt. Ltd., and Walmart were among the biggest companies added to our burgeoning client roster.  
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