About us

Prime Space Industrial and Logistic Park thrives in the midst of a bustling industrial environment. It is located in Sholavaram – that is situated partly in Chennai and Thiruvallur districts –Prime Space has excellent connectivity, owing to our close proximity to the state capital of Chennai and also because we’re easily accessible via highways and the port. Being a part of the Thiruvallur district that has a fairly well-developed urban setting, there is easy access to skilled manpower on the flourishing industrial corridor. This optimal location ensures that the warehouse covers key areas of Tamil Nadu and Southern Andhra Pradesh, thus establishing a smooth link and advancing trading activities.

Prime Space warehouses are built to International standards. This qualifies our warehouses as one of the country’s finest, providing space and scope for all the prerequisites that are needed by corporates. Our spaces vary in size and nature with accommodation spanning multiple industries like FMCG, Automobile, Document Storage and Healthcare, among others. With a storage arrangement that can adapt to changes in business and seasonal demands, we have a flexible warehousing mode. Our spaces can adjust themselves to accommodate fluctuations in nature as well as levels of inventory. 

No empire is built overnight, and that certainly holds true for Prime Space Logistic Park as well. Transforming from a simple acquisition of a 6-acre land to a vastly expanded 3 million sq. feet area,  we have blossomed over the course of a decade and a half. What started as a small piece of land in 2006 has grown to become a hub for the biggest multinational companies. Prime Space has provided these companies the space to realise their dreams, making their journeys easier with our steady upwards movement in the area of land owned, and the growing family of clientele.

But Prime Space wasn’t always a warehouse company. Founded in 1985 as Polytrusions Private Limited, the company’s main objective was to manufacture rigid PVC Pipes and related products falling under similar categories in the industry, under the brand name ‘Trubore’. Back in the ‘90s, the venture had a revenue of INR 120 crore. But in 2006, the venture was, along with its brand name, handed over to Chemplast Sanmar Limited – a prominent corporate entity in South India, precisely when the 6-acre land opportunity had cropped up. Since then, there has been no turning back in Prime Space’s dedication to establishing state-of-the-art, Grade A warehouses. 

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